PROVE ALL THINGS Examining who wrote the Book of Mormon.
BELIEVING IN THE BOOK OF MORMON DNA and its relevance to the Book of Mormon.
THE SAME STANDARD Juding the Book of Mormon by the same standard as the Bible.
LEHI'S VISION The symbology behind Lehi's vision of the tree of life. (1 Ne. 8:2-33; 11:8-25; 12:16-18)
THE LAW OF OPPOSITES Understanding the message Lehi shared with his family. (2 Nephi 1- 2)
THE WAY TO FREEDOM Examining the subject of our freedom to choose. (2 Nephi 2:26,27)
THE PARABLE OF THE OLIVE TREE How God views the world. (Jacob 5)
THE STORY OF SHEREM What we can learn from Jacob's experience with Sherem. (Jacob 7)
STANDING WITH GOD Learning what the Book of Mormon teaches about church discipline. (Mosiah 26)
ONE OF THE GREATEST SERMONS The message that Alma taught his people on how to become saved. (Alma 5)
THE MESSAGE OF AMULEK Understanding the message of salvation Amulek taught his people. (Alma 34:8-35)
THE JUSTICE OF GOD. Understanding the meaning of the word restore. (Alma 41)
THE WAR CHAPTERS Why Mormon spent so much of his record talking about war. (Alma 43 - 62)
GOD IS IN CONTROL How God is able to control all things. (3 Nephi 8: 1-7)
THERE SHALL BE NO DISPUTATIONS Things we can learn from the Savior's visit to the Nephites. (3 Nephi 11:28-31)
THE FATHER. Understanding the role of God, the Father. (3 Ne. 15 - 16)
THE DOCTRINE OF FAITH An examination of Moroni's teaching on faith. (Ether 12:4-40)
THE STORY OF MORMON A closer look at the life of Mormon. (books of Mormon & Moroni)

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