THE PRINCIPLES OF LIBERTY A history of the Constitution, why it was written and what it means.
THE NATURE OF MEN learning from what history has taught us.
THE GREAT EXPERIMENT Why the American Constitution is known as the great experiment.
THE LIVING CONSTITUTION Examining the claim that the Constitution is a living, breathing document.
ADHERING TO THE CONSTITUTION a look at the history of the Constitution and the purpose for which it was written.
OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH An example of how understanding our history better helps us to interpret the Constitution.
SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE An examination of the First Amendment to our Constitution.
GUN CONTROL Examining the history and purpose of the Second Amendment.
FREEDOM FROM RELIGION. What Thomas Jefferson taught about religion and politics.
A DAY OF THANKSGIVING The real meaning behind Thanksgiving.
DELIVER US FROM EVIL How the Elders of Israel will save the Constitution.
THE LAND OF THE FREE Five things that all Americans should know.
GOD BLESS AMERICA Specific suggestions of what we can do to help keep our country free.
THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC Defining what a republic is and how ours operates.
HOW TO SUBVERT THE CONSTITUTION A look at different ways that people try to subvert our Constitution.
THE FRUITS OF LIBERTY How liberty and prosperity go together.
THE CULTURE OF OUR SOCIETY Understanding how the culture of our society affects our political life.
NAURE'S LAW Defining what the Declaration of Independence means by nature's Law.
UNITED WE STAND Understanding why it is important for all Christian faiths to unite in defending our Constitutional freedoms.
A CHRISTIAN NATION A history of the effect Christianity has had on our form of government.
THE WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY Understanding why Christianity is under attack and what we can do about it.
HARBINGERS A look at history and its correlation to America today.
UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL Understanding the Preamble to the Constitution.
AN ALL POWERFUL GOVERNMENT The meaning of the commerce clause
SHAYS REBELLION Lessons we can learn from Shays rebellion.
THE LESSON OF HISTORY What history can teach us about revolutions.


THE LAW OF GOD. Understanding God's law of liberty.
OUR FREE AGENCY. Why God gave us the freedom to choose.
THE GIFT OF FREE AGENCY A closer look at what free agency.
THE LAW OF OPPOSITES. Why freedom requires opposites in choice.
THE WAY OF FREEDOM Examining the freedom to choose.
FREE INDEED How to become free through self-reliance.
THE QUESTION OF MORALITY Understanding what morality is and why it is important in our life and in our society.
THE FOUR Es A four step program of enlightenment, education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.
THE TITLE OF LIBERTY Understanding the correct way to defend our liberties.
D&C 123 What D&C 123 teaches us about our political responsibilities
GOD'S DIVINE PROVIDENCE The role that God's Divine providence plays in the destiny of America.
AS HE DIRECTS In the fight for good and evil, what is our role in this battle?


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