IN THE FIRST PLACE The purpose of covenants

HIS PROMISE Understanding the nature of covenants
WHY WE BUILD TEMPLES Understanding what temples are and why they are needed.
BY SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS.. Understanding the temple ceremonies.
THE SYMBOLS OF GOD Learning how to understand the things taught in the temple
FOR TIME AND ALL ETERNITY The covenants we make in the temple.
A HELP MEET FOR MAN The eternal role of husbands and wives.
THE LAW OF REPENTANCE. Understanding the atonement of Jesus Christ.
THE LAW OF SACRIFICE. Why the law of sacrifice is important to our salvation.
FROM MILK TO MEAT. Tithing and the covenant of consecration.
THE LAW OF CHASTITY Why it is necessary to keep the law of chastity.
THE SEALING POWER OF ELIJAH. The eternal significance of being sealed.
PRAISE GOD Understanding the doctrine of eternal marriage.
THE JUSTICE OF GOD Understanding the judgment of God.
JUDGING THE WORLD Understanding how the saints will judge the world.
THE KINGDOMS OF GOD. The meanings of salvation.
THE REWARD OF THE RIGHTEOUS The reward of those who inherit eternal life.
THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF HEAVEN What will we be doing in heaven?
OUR VIEW OF HEAVEN The work exalted beings do.
GARMENTS OF SALVATION Examining what the Bible teaches about wearing special clothing.
GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED Understanding why Mormons where "holy garments."
THE PRIESTHOODS OF SATAN. Where does Satan's power come from?
IN HEAVEN BUT NOT ON EARTH The importance of being sealed to one another.
ESTABLISHING ZION Understanding how to create Zion on earth.
YE SHALL HAVE ETERNAL LIFE What it means to endure to the end.
SIGNS AND TOKENS Examining the importance of signs and tokens in our life.

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