IS THE BIBLE COMPLETE? A look at who wrote the Bible and why.
THE WORD OF GOD A closer look at who wrote the Bible and why.
PARTS OF THE BIBLE ARE MISSING Examining what has been left out of the Bible.
THE SAME STANDARD Examining the archeological evidence for the Bible.
GOD'S COVENANT WITH ISRAEL Examining the old and new covenants God has made with man.
YE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW Comparing the law of Moses to the law of Christ.
THE SUCCESSION OF APOSTLES. How many apostles did the early Christian church have?
PHARISEES AND CHRISTIANS A look at the life of Saul of Tarsus.
THE DEATH OF THE APOSTLES An historical look at the apostasy.
ASK THE APOSTLES. A look at the writings of the early Church Fathers.
THE FATHER, SON, AND HOLY GHOST. Understanding how we got the doctrine of the trinity.
THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY A history of Christianity from Jesus to the present.
ORIGINAL SIN. Where did the doctrine of original sin come from?
THE FATHER OF THE REFORMATION A look at what Martin Luther taught about faith and works
KNOWING THE SCRIPTURES Understanding how the Bible was not always available to the commone person.
GOD'S WORD A history of the translation of the Bible.
THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS An examination of a recently discovered ancient book of scripture.
CHRISTIAN HOLIDAYS. Why we celebrate Christmas and Easter.

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