THE THINGS OF GOD How we truly come to know what the scriptrues teach.
SEEK YE THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Learning how to search the scriptures.
STUDYING THE SCRIPTURES Four techniques to help improve our study of the scriptures.
GREAT AND IMPORTANT THINGS How God reveals His knowledge to us.
THE OLD TESTAMENT IS OBSOLETE The importance of reading the Old Testament.


MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOTHING. A look at how the earth was created. (Genesis 1:1)
WHAT SCIENCE HAS DISCOVERED A look at what the first chapter of Genesis tells us. (Genesis 1:1,2)
UNDERSTANDING ISAIAH Some helpful suggestions for understanding Isaiah.
FILTHY RAGS Understanding Isaiah's words about man's righteousnes. (Isaiah 63-65)


THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT Understanding the message of Christ's sermon on the mount. (Matthew 3-6; Luke 4-6)
BE YE THEREFOR PERFECT Is it possible to become perfect? (Matthew 5:48)
THE ROMANS Understanding Paul's letter to the Romans. (Romans 1-6)
FAITH, HOPE, AND CHARITY Understanding why these three are the greatest of all gifts. (I Corinthians 12:13)
BAPTISM FOR THE DEAD Understanding what Paul had to say about baptism for the dead. (1 Corinthias 15:1-34)
CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY A close examination of the first chapter of Ephesians. (Ephesians 1:1-24)
AN ANGEL OF LIGHT Why Satan cannot appear as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:1-14)
WHO IS THE ANTI-CHRIST? A look at what the Bible says about the anti-Christ. (1 John 1-5)


HERE AM I, SEND ME. What "good cause" should we be anxiously engaged in? (D&C 58:2729)
THE POWER OF GODLINESS. Understanding the doctrine of eternal marriage. (D&C 84:3-43)
OUR ETERNAL REWARD. What D&C 88 tells us about the light of Christ
TO BECOME JUST LIKE HIM A commentary on the message of D&C 93.
THE PARABLE OF THE VINEYARD Examining how the Lord expects us to protect the flock of God. (D&C 101:43-62)
D&C 123 What D&C 123 teaches us about our political responsibilities.
THAT NONE SHOULD PERISH An examination of President Smith's vision of the dead. (D&C 138:28-32).
CALLED OF GOD A look at the fifth Article of Faith.
THE GATHERING OF ISRAEL What we can learn from the tenth Article of Faith.


FOR THE POSTERITY OF ABRAHAM. A look at the early life of Abraham

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