IN THE FIRST PLACE The purpose of covenants
HIS PROMISE Understanding the nature of covenants
A COVENANT WITH GOD A further look at the purpose of covenants.
THE HOUSE OF THE LORD Understanding the power that comes from making covenants in the temple and the reason why.
BY SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS.. Understanding the temple ceremonies.
FROM MILK TO MEAT. Tithing and the covenant of consecration.
THE LAW OF REPENTANCE. Understanding the atonement of Jesus Christ.
THE LAW OF OBEDIANCE How we are to honor the covenants we make.
THE LAW OF SACRIFICE. Why the law of sacrifice is important to our salvation.
A SURE FOUNDATION. The importance of sustaining our church leaders.
COMMON CONSENT Understanding how the Church is a theocracy.
THY KINGDOM COME. Understanding the significance of baptism.
WHOM SHALL I SEND? The meaning of the sacrament.
OUR MOTTO The importance of living the Word of Wisdom
THE SYMBOLS OF GOD Learning how to understand the things taught in the temple
OUR PERSONAL SAVIOR What does it mean to accept Jesus as our personal Savior?
THOSE WHOM GOD SENDS Understanding when a prophet speaks for God.
O YE OF LITTLE FAITH Our responsibility in defending the faith.
THE ORDER OF GOD Why only the president of the Church speaks for God.
GOD'S COVENANT WITH ISRAEL Examining the old and new covenants God has made with man.
FOR ALL ETERNITY The eternal covenants we make in the temple.
LEADING PEOPLE TO CHRIST Learning how to develop one of the skills of leadership
A CONSECRATED LIFE Learning what it takes to live a consecrated life.
ENDOWED WITH POWER FROM ON HIGH Understanding the power that God endows us with.
OUR ERRAND FROM THE LORD A closer look at what God expects of us.
SIGNS AND TOKENS Examining the importance of signs and tokens in our life.


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