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Below is a listing of recently published articles 

We Will Reap Abundantly – How our actions affect both others and ourselves. (Nature of Man)

Entering Into God’s RestHow we become born again. (Nature of God)

What Jesus Taught – Discovering what Jesus taught about being saved

The People of Limhi – .Three mistakes we make when confronted with problems.

The True Church of Christ – Examining the reasons why Jesus established a church. (Nature of Mormonis)

In Spite of Our Weaknesses – How we grow spiritually stronger because of our weaknesses.(Nature of Spiritual Growth)

The Lies Satan Tells – The three lies Satan uses to keep people away from Christ’s church. (Nature of Mormonism)

Blessings in Disguise – Learning why God allows pain and suffering in the world (nature of God)

It Isn’t Easy  – Examining God ’s work and learning how to do what he does.(nature of God)

The Problem With Intelligence – A look at the role intelligence plays in evolution. (Parting thoughts)

Turning a Blind Eye – a closer look at the design of a cell (Parting thoughts

On Probation – Learning what is the most important thing we can spend our time doing. (spiritual growth)

No Profit – Learning how to discover truth. (spiritual growth)

Spiritual Gems – Lessons we can learn for the first several chapters of 1 Nephi (Book of Mormon)

Spiritual VisionsIncreasing our ability to receive visions. (Spiritual Growth)

An Example to Follow – Lessons we can learn from the example that Lehi and Nephi set for us. (Parting thoughts/bom)

Draw Nigh To God – Learning how to be closer to God. (spiritual growth)

Upon Closer Examination – Is the Book of Mormon true history or imaginary fiction? (nature of Mormonism)

The Brother of Jared – What we can learn from the scriptures (nature of scriptures

Christ Paid For Our Sins – The effects of Christ’s atonement on our sins (nature of salvation).

God’s Purpose – How God uses evil to bring about his divine purposes (nature o God)

What We’re Expected To Do – The role of the Holy Ghost as our teacher. (nature of God)