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Below is a listing of recently published articles 

Faith to BelieveWhy does it take faith to believe in the Book of Mormon? (nature of scripture)

God Established His Church Defining the purpose of the church (nature of scripture)

Christ Will Never Give Up on Us – Understanding why Christ atoned for our sins. (Nature of God)

World Peace – Learning what it takes to be a peacemaker. (Nature of Spiritual Growth)

The Abrahamic Covenant – What is the Abrahamic What is the Abrahamic Covenant and does it apply to us today? (Nature of Covenants)

Deliverance is Nigh – How to find happiness in times of sorrows (nature of Spiritual Growth)

The Value of Scriptures – A closer look at Ammon’s mission to the Lamanites (Nature of covenants & Book of Mormon)

God is Displeased with us – Understanding the meaning of repentance (Nature of Salvation)

An Example to Follow – Learning how to trust in the Lord (Spiritual growth)

Valuable Lessons – A look at the history of polygamy in the church and the lessons we can learn from it. (nature of covenants)

Faith in Christ – Defining what it means to have faith in Christ.  (Spiritual growth)

Follow the Prophet –  When do we follow what the prophet tells us? (nature of covenants)

Disciples of Christ – How we can become better disciples of Christ.  (Nature of Spiritual Growth)

In Vain – A closer look at why we came to earth. (Nature of Man)

The Shepherds – Things we can learn from the shepherds in the Christmas story.

The Wheat and the Tares -An explanation of the parable of the wheat and the tares. (Parting thoughts & Understanding the scriptures)

Adding Insult to Injury – Why the Church excommunicates people who disagree with its teachings. (Nature of Mormonism),

The Story of Alma – Lessons we can learn from the story of Alma. (Parting thoughts)

According to His Laws – Does the Lord expect us to do things according to our own free will? (Nature of Covenants)

Falling From Salvation -Discovering what the Bible says about gaining and losing one’s salvation.(Nature of Salvation)

Doctrines of the Gospel -How studying the scriptures teaches us deeper truths about the gospel. (Parting Thoughts/Understanding the Scriptures)

Faith in Christ -Understanding the different aspects of faith (Nature of God)

Becoming Spiritually Wiser – How to get more out of reading the scriptures. (Parting Thoughts)