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Below is a listing of recently published articles 

The True Church of Christ – Examining the reasons why Jesus established a church. (Nature of Mormonis)

In Spite of Our Weaknesses – How we grow spiritually stronger because of our weaknesses.(Nature of Spiritual Growth)

The Lies Satan Tells – The three lies Satan uses to keep people away from Christ’s church. (Nature of Mormonism)

Blessings in Disguise – Learning why God allows pain and suffering in the world (nature of God)

It Isn’t Easy  – Examining God ’s work and learning how to do what he does.(nature of God)

The Problem With Intelligence – A look at the role intelligence plays in evolution. (Parting thoughts)

Turning a Blind Eye – a closer look at the design of a cell (Parting thoughts

On Probation – Learning what is the most important thing we can spend our time doing. (spiritual growth)

No Profit – Learning how to discover truth. (spiritual growth)

Spiritual Gems – Lessons we can learn for the first several chapters of 1 Nephi (Book of Mormon)

Spiritual VisionsIncreasing our ability to receive visions. (Spiritual Growth)

An Example to Follow – Lessons we can learn from the example that Lehi and Nephi set for us. (Parting thoughts/bom)

Draw Nigh To God – Learning how to be closer to God. (spiritual growth)

Upon Closer Examination – Is the Book of Mormon true history or imaginary fiction? (nature of Mormonism)

The Brother of Jared – What we can learn from the scriptures (nature of scriptures

Christ Paid For Our Sins – The effects of Christ’s atonement on our sins (nature of salvation).

God’s Purpose – How God uses evil to bring about his divine purposes (nature o God)

What We’re Expected To Do – The role of the Holy Ghost as our teacher. (nature of God)

Very Far Astray – How to keep from being deceived by false Christs and false prophets. (nature of spiritual growth)

The 9th Article of Faith – a closer examination of the 9th Article of Faith. (parting thoughts)

God’s Will – When should we become engaged in doing things without being commanded? (nature of God)

What Christ Has Done For us – Gaining a deeper understanding of the role Christ played in the plan of salvation. (nature of God)

Faith to BelieveWhy does it take faith to believe in the Book of Mormon? (nature of scripture)