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Below is a listing of recently published articles 

The Story of Alma – Lessons we can learn from the story of Alma. (Parting thoughts)

According to His Laws – Does the Lord expect us to do things according to our own free will? (Nature of Covenants)

Falling From Salvation -Discovering what the Bible says about gaining and losing one’s salvation.(Nature of Salvation)

Doctrines of the Gospel -How studying the scriptures teaches us deeper truths about the gospel. (Parting Thoughts/Understanding the Scriptures)

Faith in Christ -Understanding the different aspects of faith (Nature of God)

Becoming Spiritually Wiser – How to get more out of reading the scriptures. (Parting Thoughts)

Humans Came From Apes – Examining the lack of evidence for the theory that man evolved from apes (Parting thoughts)

Predestination is a true doctrine – How God is able to accurately predict how people will behave. (Nature of God)

To Know the Truth – Is it true what they say about the Mormons? (Nature of Mormonism)

The Voice of the Lord – Examining who the prophets are and their role in the church (Nature of Mormonism)

Sexual Purity – Why sexual purity before and during marriage is important. (Nature of Marriage)

True to the Faith –  Discovering why the gospel is called the plan of happiness. (Nature of salvation)

Not True – Do Mormons believe they can replace God? (Mormonism)

Becoming Like God – Can man really become like God? (Mormonism)

Degrees of Salvation – The different degrees of heaven and who goes there (Nature of Salvation)

Eternal Laws – Does God have to obey any laws, and if so, what are they? (Nature of God)

Degrees of Salvation – The different degrees of heaven and who goes there. (Foundation of salvation)

Our Own Plan – Is our life predetermined or is it governed totally by free will? (Nature of growth)

The Right Path – Determining the right path to take in life. (Nature of growth)

The Restoration – Why the restoration is so important to our salvation. (Nature of Salvation)

The Gathering of Israel – Understanding the purpose and significance of the gathering of Israel (Nature of Covenants)

Peace, Joy, and Happiness – Finding peace, joy, and happiness during times of sorrow (Nature of God)

When God Speaks – Learning how to recognize the voice of God (God)

God’s Plan – An expanded look at the plan of salvation. (God)

His Return – How we can prepare for the second coming of Christ. (God)