Other Articles

Below is a listing of recently published articles 

Going to Heaven – What it takes for us to live in heaven with God.

Following the Teachings of the Savior – A look at God’s purpose in creating males and females

Martial Intimacy  – Providing the scriptural answer to the proper role of intimacy in marriage

Modern-day Apostles – The Role of apostles in the church.

The Seed – An examination of Alma’s illustration concerning the seed of faith.

The End of Heresy – The history of man’s dependence on the Bible.

The Plan of Salvation – And in-depth look at what King Benjamin taught his people about salvation.

Keeping the Commandments – How long must we endure in keeping the commandments before we come to the end? 

Becoming Like ChristLearning what it takes to become like Christ.

Be HumbleUnderstanding why we have weaknesses and how to grow because of them.

A Righteous Judgment – Learning how to make judgments in a righteous manner.

Fourth of July – A fourth of July Message