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Below is a listing of recently published articles 

The Parables of Jesus – Examining the parables of Jesus to better understand what heaven is like.

Above All Other Things – Gaining a greater appreciation for the covenant of baptism

Giving Up On Christ – What it means to endure to the end

The Gift of the Holy Ghost – defining the difference between the gift of the Holy Ghost and the influence of God’s Spirit.

Faith in Christ – Understanding the principle of faith and where its power comes from.

The Ancient Church Fathers – Examining what the earliest Christians were taught to believe..

Being Like Christ – Our relationship to God and learning how to become more committed to Christ.

Being Faithful and Righteous – Understanding what the priesthood is, what it can and cannot do.

The Priesthood of God – The role of the priesthood in exalting God’s children

Mercy and Justice – How mercy and justice are interrelated and are both governed by law.

The Commandments – The Reason why God gives us commandments.

Belonging to the Church of Christ – the church of Christ and its relationship to our salvation.    

Parable of the Talents – Discovering what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

Fourth of July – A fourth of July Message