1 NEPHI 20 (see Isaiah 48)

1 Listen to me, you who call yourselves the children of Israel. You claim you belong to the God of your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob but you don't deal in truth or in righteousness.
2 You call yourselves the people of the holy city but yet you do not rely upon the God of your father Israel, whose name is The Lord of Hosts.
3 From the beginning I have told you things out of my own mouth of what will come to pass in the future and they have come to pass.
4 But you are an obstinate people
5 and that is the reason why from the beginning I have told these things unto you before they happened lest you should say it was your idols that have done this thing.
6-7 You have seen and heard these things from the beginning but will you acknowledge them? No you won't. From time to time I have shown you something new that you never knew just before it happened lest you should say, "Oh, we already knew that."
8 But you didn't know it because you wouldn't listen to me when I told you these things. And the reason why you didn't listen to me is because you closed your ears so you wouldn't hear me. I knew you were this way and would be dishonest with me. From the time you were born I knew you were someone who would transgress my laws.
9 But, for the sake of keeping my name untarnished, I will hold off my anger for a short while. For mine own reasons I will refrain from cutting you off from my presence.
10 Instead, I will refine you as someone does with silver. I will put you in the furnace of affliction.
11 And I will do this so that my name shall be glorified otherwise it would become polluted because of your behavior. Even so, I will not leave you nor will I give my glory to another people.
12 Therefore, listen to me, you children of Israel. I am the one your father Jacob called upon.
13 I am the one who made this earth and its heavens. It was my hand that has created everything.
14 Assemble yourselves together and listen to what I have to say. Come near to me and listen to what I tell you. I will fulfill that which I have declared by my prophets and I will do to Babylon and the Chaldeans as I please.
15 I am the Lord and I have spoken unto my prophet. I have called him and declared my word unto him.
16 Therefore, come unto me for I have not spoken unto you in secret. From the beginning of time I have declared my word unto you.
17 I am the Lord, who is your God. It is I who shall send my prophet unto you. It is I who will teach you so that you can profit from what I will tell you. I am the one who will lead you in the way you should go.
18 Oh, had you only listened to my commandments, then you would have had peace and been a righteous nation.
19 Your posterity would have been so numerous it would be like counting the grains of sand. The number of children that would have come from your loins would have been as numerous as gravel (i.e., sand).
20 Therefore, get yourselves away from the Babylonians and stop living as they do. Stop behaving like the Chaldeans. Instead, with a singing voice, announce to the ends of the earth that God has saved your father Jacob.
21 When your fathers were led through the deserts after leaving Egypt, they didn't thirst because I provided them with water. Did I not cause water to come out of a rock? Don't you remember how Moses struck a rock and water gushed on out of it?
22 But not withstanding that I have done all of this and even greater things there shall be no peace among the wicked.

1 NEPHI 21 (see Isaiah 49)

1 (Isaiah then says) Listen to my voice ye isles of the sea and hear what I say all my people who have been carried far away. The Lord has called me from the time my mother brought me forth from her womb.
2 He has made my words to be sharp like a sword. From the time I was born he has been shaping me to be an instrument in his hand. I have become like a polished arrow in his quiver.
3 He has said to me, "You are my servant, O child of Israel, and I will be glorified because of you."
4 But I said to the Lord, "All my labors among this people have been in vain. All of the energy I have put forth towards them has been for nothing. Even so, I will still trust in the Lord and I will still do the work which God gives me to do."
5 And to the Lord who formed me from my birth to be his servant to bring the children of Israel to him and to restore them I said to Him, "Even if Israel will not be gathered, yet I will still be found glorious in the eyes of my God because God is my strength."
6 And the Lord said to me, "It is a light thing that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Israel and to restore those who have been preserved. You will also be a light to the Gentiles as well and not just to the Israelites. You will be instrumental in bringing my salvation to all parts of the earth."
7 This is what the Lord said to me, he who is the Savior of Israel. This is the Being whom men despise and all the nations of the earth hate. But kings will one day see him for who he is and rise up and worship him. Not only kings but princes as well because the Lord is faithful and it is the Holy One of Israel who shall choose whom to save.
8 And the Lord said to me, In a time that is acceptable I will hear the cries of my people Israel and in that day I will save you and help you. I will preserve you and make you a covenant people so that you can inherit the earth. Even the desolate places will become your heritage.
9 In that day you will be able to say to the prisoners Go forth, you are free. To those who are in darkness you shall say: Come out into the light and show yourselves.
10 No longer shall they be hungry or thirsty. Neither will the sun burn them because the person who will lead them will have mercy upon them and will guide them even as if they were being lead along springs of water.
11 In that day when I will gather them I will make a path for them to follow even over the mountains.
12 They shall come from far away places, from the north and from the west and even from the land of Sinim.
13 In that day the heavens will sing and be joyful. Even the earth will break forth in singing because the Lord has comforted his people and will have shown mercy to those who were afflicted.
14 But Israel will say, "The Lord has forsaken us and has forgotten us."
15 Can a woman forget her own child to the point that she has no compassion toward the son she herself has given birth to? It might be possible that some mothers might be able to do that but not I, said the Lord.
16 Behold, I have tattooed you on the palms of my hands and your face is constantly before me. I will never forget you.
17 In that day when I will gather you again your children shall go in haste and those who have laid waste to you and persecuted you shall go ahead of you and prepare the place for you.
18 Therefore, lift up your eyes and look. All of these nations shall gather themselves together and shall come to you. As I live, saith the Lord, you shall surround yourselves with these Gentile nations like a woman who clothes herself with jewelry and attaches them to herself as a bride would do.
19 The places you lived that were barren and desolate will become smaller because of the people who will inhabit them. Those who once tried to harm you will become fewer and fewer and will live in far away places.
20 In that day, the children you will have will say to you, "The place where we live is too narrow and small for us. Give us a place where there is more room for us to live."
21 And you will say to yourselves, "What kind of children have I begotten seeing that I am desolate and am a prisoner and have been shoved from place to place? Who put such ideas in these children's minds? Did I leave them alone so that someone else came and gave them such an idea? Where have they been to have gotten such thoughts?"
22 But the Lord has said, "Behold, I will bless the Gentiles and they shall become the standard for my people to follow. I will bless the Gentiles so that they will figuratively bring your sons in their arms to the land of your inheritance and your daughters they will figuratively carry upon their shoulders.
23 Kings and queens shall nourish you and provide all that you need to sustain yourself. They shall bow down to thee with their face toward the ground and lick the dust off of your shoes. In that day you will finally know that I am the Lord. Those who patiently wait on me shall not be ashamed.
24 Can you take the prey away from a powerful animal or can you let the lawfully held prisoners go free?
25 Yet in the day that I will gather you to the land of your inheritance I will free you from captivity even from the mightiest nations and you will be delivered from them because I will fight against those who fight against you and I will be the one who saves your children.
26 Those who oppress you I will feed them their own flesh and they will become drunken with their own blood. In that day everyone will know that I am the Savior and Redeemer of Israel, that I am the mighty One, the mighty God of Jacob.