Preface to the Constitutional Studies series of articles

A history of the Constitution, why it was written and what it means

Why the Founding Fathers called the Constitution The Great Experiment

Understanding the principle upon which liberty stands.

Examining the claim that the Constitution is a living, breathing document

What we mean by limited government and why it's important

An example of how understanding our history better helps us to interpret the Constitution.

Understanding the meaning of the Preamble to the Constitution.

Discovering the meaning of the commerce clause.

An examination of the First Amendment to our Constitution.

An examination of the Second Amendment to our Constitution.

What Thomas Jefferson taught about religion and politics.

Defining what a republic is and how ours operates.

Shays Rebellion.

Understanding why the free market is the best system.

A look at different ways that people try to subvert our Constitution.

How liberty and prosperity go together.

Defining man's rights and where they originate.

Examining the freedom to choose.

Understanding what morality is and the role it plays in our society.

How the culture of our society affects our political life.

The role religion played in the writing of the Constitution.

Early government documents relating to religion in America.

Quotes from our Founding Fathers

Stories from American History

Additional Resources.