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Nature of Scripture

Foundation of Faith

IS THE BIBLE COMPLETE?   Alook at who wrote the Bible and why.
THE WORD OF GOD   Acloser look at who wrote the Bible and why.
THE INTERPRETATION THEREOF  Why are prophets needed today?
THE INSPIRATION OF GOD  How the writers of the Bible were inpired.
THE CHURCH WHICH CHRIST BUILT  What the Bible says about church organization.
THE SUCCESSION OF APOSTLES How many apostles did the early Christian church have?
NOAH AND THE ARK  What we can learn from the story of Noah and the Ark.
GOD'S WORD   A history of the translation of the Bible.
MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOTHING  A look at how the earth was created.
THE EARTH IS FLAT  What the Bible teaches about the earth's creation.
FILTHY RAGS  Understanding Isaiah words about man's righteousnes.
THE ROMANS  Understanding Paul's letter to the Romans.
WHAT SCIENCE HAS DISCOVERED  A look at what the first chapter of Genesis tells us.
THE DOCTRINE OF HELL  What we can learn from the various doctrines Christianity teaches about hell.
THE OLD TESTAMENT IS OBSOLETE  The importance of reading the Old Testament.
PARTS OF THE BIBLE ARE MISSING  Examining what has been left out of the Bible.
THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT  Have the doctrines of God become corrupted?
THE DILEMMA OF FAITH Where does faith come from?
THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS  An examination of a recently discovered ancient book of scripture.
THE SAME STANDARD  Examining the archeological evidence for the Bible.
ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN   What we are praying for when we say the Lord's Prayer.
BELIEVE IN CHRIST   What the scriptures say about believing in Christ.
THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT   Understanding the message of Christ's sermon on the mount.
CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY  A close examination of the first chapter of Ephesians.
BELIEVING IN THE BOOK OF MORMON   DNA and its relevance to the Book of Mormon.
THE THINGS OF GOD  How we come to understand the things of God as contained in the scriptrues.
KNOWING THE SCRIPTURES   Learning who to depend on to know what the scriptures teach.
THE TROUBLE WITH SCRIPTURES  A look at some of the contradictions found in the bible.
A FALLING AWAY?  A look at how the Church fell away from the teachings of Christ.

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