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Nature of Heaven

Gospel of Jesus Christ

A WISE AND FAITHFUL SERVANT  The reward of the righteous
EYE HATH NOT SEEN   A look at what is involved with the resurrection.
THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD   A closer look at the kingdom of God.
THE ROAD TO GODHOOD   Considering what it takes to become exalted.
TO RECEIVE EXALTATION  Defining what it means to be called and chosen.
THE KINGDOMS OF GOD   The meanings of salvation.
THE LAW OF OPPOSITES   Understanding the message Lehi shared with his family.
A HELP MEET FOR MAN   The eternal role of husbands and wives.
TO BECOME JUST LIKE HIM   A Commentary on the message of D&C 93.
LABORING FOR THE LORD  The importance of serving in the Church.
THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF HEAVEN   What will we be doing in heaven?
OUR VIEW OF HEAVEN  The work exalted beings do.
THE JUSTICE OF GOD  Understanding the judgment of God.
THE REWARD OF THE RIGHTEOUS  The reward of those who inherit eternal life.
PATTERNED AFTER HEAVEN Understanding the connecetion between life on earh life and in heaven.
FOR TIME AND FOR ALL ETERNITY   The purpose of the eternal covenant we make in the temple.
JUDGING THE WORLD  Understanding how the saints will judge the world.
IN HEAVEN BUT NOT ON EARTH The importance of being sealed to one another.
THE IMPORTANCE OF COUNCILS   Coming to understand the purpose and eternal significance of councils.
TO BE GLORIED   Understanding the purpose of death.
THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM  Understanding the laws that govern the celestial kingdom.
FREE AGENCY IS SACRED  Defining what free agency is

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