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Nature of God

Gospel of Jesus Christ

I STAND ALL AMAZED   A closer look at the man we call Jesus.
NO OTHER WAY   The role of Jesus in our life.
THE LIGHT OF CHRIST What exactly is the light of Christ?
THE STILL SMALL VOICE   The role of the Holy ghost.
THE SIMPLE TRUTH   The need for gaining knowledge.
TEACH US TO PRAY   What Jesus taught us from prayer.
THE HUMILITY OF CHRIST   Finding out what it really means to be humble.
THE LAW OF GOD   Understanding God's law of liberty
OH COME LET US ADORE HIM   A closer look at who it is we worship.
THE FATHER  Understanding the role of God, the Father.
SANCTIFIED BY THE SPIRIT   What it means to become sanctified.
WHEN WILL CHRIST COME AGAIN?   Understanding what our part is in bringing about the millennium.
GREAT AND IMPORTANT THINGS  How God reveals His knowledge to us.
THAT NONE SHOULD PERISH An examination of President Smith's vision of the dead.
GOD IS IN CONTROL How God is able to control all things.
MORE LIKE GOD   Understanding how God answers prayers.
A FRIEND OF GOD   Learning what it means to become a friend of God.
THE POWER OF GOD   Understanding the nature of God's power and how He maintains it.
THE EXAMPLE OF JESUS   Learning why and how Jesus prayed.
TO BECOME LIKE HIM   How disappointments and adversity help us to become more like God.
THE PATTERN OF GOD  The  pattern God uses in dealing with wickedness.
OUR ETERNAL REWARD   What D&C 88 tells us about the light of Christ.
PRAYING IN VAIN   Learning how to pray more effectively.
GOD'S PLAN ARE PREDESTINED   Understanding why God's plans never fail.
FROM GOD   Knowing how to recognize when God is speaking to us
A MARVELOUS GIFT  Learning how to better appreciate the atonement of Christ.
THE LAW   What is God's true character like?
LOVE THE LORD THY GOD   Why are we commanded to love the Lord?
THE ROLE OF THE HOLY GHOST   The important role the Holy Ghost plays in our salvation.
JUST LIKE GOD  A deeper understanding of who God is and its implication for us.
THE PEACE OF CHRIST Understanding how God controls the events of history without violating man's agency.

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